Instagram users can share photo and video content that can be viewed around the clock. This form of sharing also called the story feature, offers advantages over the high number of views it receives. Because the Instagram platform; Due to the interest of other users in the stories, it pays directly to the users who share the story.

In order to receive these fees, the limit number of story views must be exceeded. Especially those who share stories according to the income to be received from Instagram; How to increase Instagram story views? And what are the methods to increase the number of views of the story? He needs to learn the titles.

What are the Methods to Increase instagram story watch?
Instagram users can apply some methods of increasing the number of story views. As the number of views increases as a result of each method, the content, and processes required for the methods will change.

However, here are the ways to increase story views:
• How to get watch packages
• A method of preparing story content that arouses interest and targets specific audiences

• The method of gaining story watching by advertising
There are methods that increase the number of story views, either in a short way or with effort.

How to Increase Instagram Story Views?
According to the method of increasing the number of story views to be chosen, the way and stages of the transactions will change. If the tracking package is received; An agreement is made with companies that have content packages for Instagram, and it is reported that they want to buy a viewing package. After deciding how many people to follow, stories are followed by bots or organic followers.

If the number of story views will be increased with content targeting the masses; The area of interest of the selected audience is determined, and stories that have not been done before or that are different from the usual are created in this area. In this way, the number of views of the story may increase as expected. This method, which requires some effort, will cause permanent viewing numbers.

If the number of views of the story is increased by advertising, Instagram units are contacted, and the page is displayed on the screen of other users with the word ‘sponsored.’ The number of views will increase as the story arouses interest. Even if this method requires payment to the Instagram platform; Naturally, it is one of the methods that increase both the number of story views and the number of followers.

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